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S.NO Title Remark Download Link
1 C++ Assignment-1 Solve the following sheet just like you coded in C-language C++ Assignment-1
2 C++ Assignment-2 Basic question on Class and Object C++ Assignment-2
3 C++ Assignment-3 More questions on classes and objects C++ Assignment-3
4 C++ Assignment-4 Logical questions and programming questions on classes and object C++ Assignment-4
5 C++ Assignment-5 Question on friend function C++ Assignment-5
6 Complete C++ Notes All 5-units Final C++ notes
7 HTML table Assignment Design the table as shown in file HTML TABLE
8 CSS-Margin-Padding-Border Learn imp concept on margin,padding and border Margin-padding-border
9 PHP CRUD Operation-Assignment Question on PHP-MYSQL operations such as Insert,Select,Update and Delete PHP-MYSQL

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